XML feed

Our objective is to support as many XML feed file formats as possible, however we recommend using one of those configured by XML2U.

In order to have your XML feed file processed, create a free account if you have not already done so and send us the link of your XML feed file to xmlfeed@viewofwater.com.

We will then process your XML feed file and associate your ads to your free account.

Please note that your file must be an absolute XML feed, not an incremental one:
. ads in your file and not in our database will be created.
. ads in your file and in our database will be updated.
. ads not in your file and in our database will be deleted.

Please note also that our XML feed importer program only accepts ads with water views, including swimming pool views.
Each ad should include at least one photo showing a view of water.

We partner with feed creator XML2U.com who can create an effortless feed for you for as little as £12 / €14,5 / $19.5 a month. Click here for details.

The View of Water team.